The contributors to this blog are Kristina and Nick.  They both reside in Canada.  As members of the JPII generation, Kristina and Nick are passionate about participating in the New Evangelization.  In carrying out this mission, they are eager to engage the issues of our contemporary society with the unchanging truths of the Catholic Faith.  Nick’s favourite hobbies include Star Trek, and web designing.  Nick is a Third Order Franciscan, and also holds both American and Canadian Citizenship. Nick has a published e-book, titled “Holy Mysteries: Reflections on the Sacraments” and a published hard-cover book titled, “Sacraments of Initiation: Intimacy This Side of Heaven“. Nick has also published other books on a wide variety of themes and topics. They are:

Nick is also a blog contributor to

Kristina enjoys hiking and exploring the beauty of creation.  She has an M.A. in Theology.  Kristina has a particular interest in Benedictine spirituality.

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